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For Sale: Iron Derrickman S3 Pipe Handling System
The patented* Weatherford Iron Derrickman S3 model is a racking board and pipe-handling system that enhances safety and efficiency by eliminating the need for personnel on the racking board and the drill floor during tripping operations. The Iron Derrickman S3 system lifts and smoothly racks triple stands of drillpipe, heavyweight collars, and drill collars with programmed sequential movements. It rigs up or down quickly with the integrated racking-board winch. The Iron Derrickman S3 system can trip 40 to 45 stands per hour. When paired with Weatherford offline stand-building solutions, the system provides substantial time savings by building stands away from the critical path without interrupting drilling operations ...
Location: Houston, TX Date Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2018
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BHL BRAND NEW RIG SKIDDING SYSTEM The Rig Skidding System is capable of skidding the rig in a fully assembled and erect position including the mast, substructure, drawworks, rotary table, traveling block, hook, BOP stack, doghouse, all equipment normally on the mast and substructure; and with the full setback load. DESIGN BASIS: A. Full Hook Load or Rotary Load B. Full Setback C. Simultaneous Rotary (Casing) Load plus Setback D. There will be full Setback Load while skidding. E. The Substructure will be clamped and secured to the skid rails while drilling. F. The Substructure will have adequate guides while skidding. The guides will be capable of providing uplift stability in case of sudden wind gusts or other events that may produce overturning while skidding. G. During Drilling Operations: The substructure shall be clamped and secured to the skid rails during drilling operations. H. It is the operators responsibility to ensure adequate foundation for the rig and skid rails. GUIDE BASES Guide Bases are included to guide and align the substructure on top of the skid bases. Each of the guide bases include a positive restraint to prevent uplift and overturning of the substructure in the event of high wind and other events while skidding. CLAMPS Clamps are provided to clamp and lock down the substructure on the skid base when not skidding. SKIDDING JACKS Two (2) skidding jacks capable of skidding the rig are included in this proposal. CLAW BASES Two (2) Claw Bases are provided to anchor the hydraulic jacks to the skid rail while skidding. CONTROL CONSOLE A portable console with its own stand is included for the skidding operation. 100 ft. long hoses are provided between the hydraulic jacks and the console. The Rig Hydraulic unit will be used. BHL RIG SKIDDING SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: BHL personnel have designed extensive number of rig skidding systems for land, offshore and arctic rigs including over 40 offshore platform rig skidding systems. We worked on rig skidding for Union Platform Gilda (now Chevron Texaco) which has 96 well slots, the most number of wells on a platform. BHL is licensed, certified and registered under API Spec 4F, API Spec Q1, and ISO 9001 BHL International Inc. ...
Location: Houston, Texas Date Posted: Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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