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300 FT Water Depth can work in shallow waters as little as 8 FOOT, Cantilever self elevating offshore JackUp Drilling Rig, 2000 HP draw works for up to 25000 ft drilling depth, comes with 100 person on board accommodation with all facilities, 3 triplex 1600 hp mud pumps 5000 psi each, Varco TDS 500 tons, Helideck, Cranes, Caterpillar Power Generators, 13 5/8" x 10000 psi BOP stack, fuel / mud / drill water / potable water tanks on board, safety equipment and lifeboats on board, complete ready for drilling contract worldwide. See sample Photo for reference. The DRY lease Bare Boat Charter rate could start for as little as US$19999.88 per day ask for details on minimum terms and payment requirement. This day rate does not include insurance, fuels, maintenance, crew members, customer to provide all these themselves at their own cost. Serious cash ready financially strong interested parties please send us official company letterhead letter of intent by email with your complete requirement and ultimate final destination where the rig will be deployed and used. WE DO NOT SELL / LEASE TO US SANCTION COUNTRIES. Initial cash deposit is required to weigh and qualify seriousness of the customer. TUBULARKING.COM Houston Texas USA SALES HOTLINE +1 713 581 4505 Main PBX Tel +1 713 780 7473 Fax +1 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location Date Posted: Saturday, June 02, 2018
Condition: Great Working Condition Price: Under $35000 per day dry lease BBC crew with full
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Aliyu Kiliya Auctioneering & Co Ltd is an indigenous Auctioneering firm engaged by Mr. M. I. Igbokwe (SAN), the Receiver/Manager of Seawolf Oil Services Limited (In Receivership) to dispose off a Jack-Up rig through public Auction. This is to invite the general public to the Auction exercise of a Jack-Up Oil Rig scheduled to take place as follows: Venue: Intels Jetty, Calabar Inspection Dates: June 18 to June 22 Auction Date: June 26 Name of Rig: Delta Queen Details: *The Rig has been the Pride of the Fleet of the three jack-up Rigs belonging to Seawolf, first put into operation in 2010. *It has a Cyprus Flag Registration. *The IMO number is 8756112. *The main dimensions and specifications are: Light Ship - 5432 tons Displacement at 10.76ft - 14,535 kips Length - 180ft (54.9m) Length including Helideck - 180ft (54.9m) Breadth - 175ft (53.3m) Hull Depth - 25ft (7.6m) Leg Length - 33ft (102.7m) Usable Leg Length (below hull) 295ft (89.9m) Spud Can Diameter - 39'10" (11.9m) Drilling Envelope - 40' aft and 10' from centre line Gross Tonnage - 6880 tons Helideck size/rating - 62' - for a Sikorsky S-61N Max. Operating water depth - 300' Max. rated drilling depth - 20,000' Maximum Cantilever Load - 997,440 lbs Towing Bollard Pull (Min) - 200 tons Accommodation: Three floors of air conditioned cabins for 100 personnel. *The Rig is to be sold "as is as where"...
Location: INTELS JETTY, CALABAR, CROSS-RIVERS STATE, NIGERIA Date Posted: Friday, June 01, 2018
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For Sale or Lease: Subsea Well Intervention Equipment
Subsea Light Well Intervention Equipment Package. Note: We may split the package and sell individual equipment out of this package. The Package of Well Intervention Equipment comprises (not limited to): - UL 05469 Derrick Structure. Maximum Hook Load 226MT. C/w Wind Walls. - UL 05486 MH Crown Block Assembly. 350T. 42" Sheaves. 1-3/8" Wireline, Fastline Idler Sheave. 72", Upper and Lower Deadline Idler Sheaves 42". - UL 05487 MH Travelling Block. 350T. 1-3/8" Wireline - Passive Inline Heave Compensator. - Upper and Lower Guide Dollys - UL 04284 Wirth Drawworks GH2800 EG AC 1G with 2 x AC Variable Speed Drive Motors. Disc Brakes. 1-3/8" Wireline. - UL 05491 Inline Active Heave Compensator. - UL 04555 Deadline Compensator. 226T Hook Load. Max Stroke 5.4m - UL 05516 APV Bank. Vessel, pressure, air, 2400 psi x 1000 ltr - UL 05489 Hydraulic Drill Line Reel c/w 1500m 1-3/8" Drill Line. - UL 05488 Maritime Hydraulics Dead Line Anchor with Martin Decker E80 Load Cell. - UL 05696 Hydraulic Cat heads - Maritime Hydraulics.  - UL 04628 Hydraulic Tubular Stabbing Arm and Remote Control Stand. - Elevator Link Yolk with Link Tilt. (Used in conjunction with Travelling Block and Heave Compensator) - Riser Handling Conveyor. (9-5/8" Riser Tube Diameter with 14" Flange Diameter) - UL 05490 Triplex Pipe Handler Crane. SWL 2T. Up to 9-5/8" Diameter. - Skid Frames, Skid Rails and Skid Tractors. - UL 04987 Hydraulic access Basket (Cherry Picker) 300Kgs SWL. With Remote Control Stand. - UL 05681 Aker MH Drillers Cabin with Control Panels - UL 05622 Switchgear Container (LER) with AC drives and starters Equipment is manufactured in 2003 and was used for a few years onboard a Well Intervention Vessel (Semi-submersible Rig) that was modofied to accommodation vessel. Click here for more information and pictures....
Location: Norway Date Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Condition: Very Good, Manufactured 2003 Price: on request
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For Sale or Lease: 3000 HP Draw works Swamp Shallow Water Drilling Barge Rig Complete Ready For Deployment
3000 HP Swamp Shallow Waters Drilling Barge, drilling depth up to 30,000 ft , with triplex mud pumps, top drives, all tanks, BOP stack, helideck, accommodation of 80 plus person on board, ABS CLASS, ready for minimum 36 months dry lease contract or OUTRIGHT cash sale to proven cash ready buyer. Only serious ready to put cash deposit to start negotiations clients are welcome with their credentials and official LOI by email. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel +1 713 266 7447 Fax +1 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location Worldwide Date Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2018
Condition: Used Great Working Price: Very Competitive
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For Sale or Lease: 470 FT Usable Below Hull Legs Length NEW Extreme Cold Temp Offshore JackUp Drilling Rig Complete
EXTREME COLD WORKING ENVIRONMENT NEW 470 FT under hull leg length Independent Legs Cantilever, ABS CLASS, Jack Up Offshore Drilling Rig, 4600 hp draw works, up to 40000 ft drilling depth capacity with up to 5 1/2 inch OD drill pipe, 1000 ton top drive, All American high quality equipment package, Three 2200 HP triplex 7500 psi mud pumps, fuel oil, drill water, potable water, mud, base oil, brine, bulk cement, tanks on board, 6 caterpillar 3516 model gensets, 175 ft derrick, pipe handling system, jacking system, 150 person accommo with all amenities and facilities onboard, BOP stack, helideck, life boats, fire fighting equipment, complete ready for drilling offshore deployment worldwide except USA sanction countries. This JUR and several other JUR ranging from 300 FT to 400 FT water depth NEW and USED are available for sale or for dry lease could be bought outright for $$cash$$ or with financing up to 60 months or DRY LEASE for minimum 36 months or preferably 60 months and longer. We welcome brokers compensated with up to 2% commission BUT negotiations with actual proven cash ready buyers or lessee with bank statement letter and official company letterhead LOI to proceed positively. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel +1 713 266 7447 Fax +1 713 588 2411 ...
Location: Delivered to buyers location worldwide at Xtra Cost Date Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2018
Condition: NEW Excellent Working Condition Price: Very Attractive & Competitive
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For Sale or Lease: 4600 HP AC Drawworks With Upto 40000 FT Drilling Depth Swamp Barge Shallow Water Drilling Rig
AMERICAN MADE Swamp Barge Shallow Waters Upto 40000 FT Drilling Depth Drilling and Workover Rig, Comes with three 2200HP mud pumps, 750 tons AC top drive, 13 5/8" x 15000 psi work pressure BOP complete stack of single / double ram / annular, Fuel / Mud / Water Tanks, 100 person onboard accommodation, HELIDECK, complete mud system, lifeboats, safety & fire fighting equipment etc We can provide upto 5 identical units. Financing Upto 10 years with FLEXIBLE repayment plan available to qualifying customers. Serious Financially Strong Customers Welcome - Brokers Protected By Negotiations ONLY with DIRECT End Users Buyers. This Swamp Barge Rig Could Be Bought Outright OR Lease with or without full experienced CREW members. We also undertake COMPLETE Drilling & Workover Services On Long Term Basis. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 RIGS(7447) Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Deployed Worldwide For Cash Ready Customers Date Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Condition: NEW Unused Price: Easily Affordable
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For Sale: Rolls Royce, Lower Unit Underwater Mountable Aximuth Thrusters, Qty 6
1 Lot of Qty 6, UNUSED, Rolls Royce, UUC 355, P50FP 3700, S/N 65203, 65202, 65201, 66741, 66742, & 66412, Lower Unit Underwater Mountable Aximuth Thrusters, for Vertically Mounted Electric Motor Drives...
Location: Rauma, , FI Date Posted: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Condition: NEW Price: Call for Pricing
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For Sale or Lease: 350 FT Water Depth CJ46 Offshore Jackup Drilling Rig Complete Ready For Deployment Worldwide
NEW 350 FT Water Depth Offshore Jackup Drilling Rig Complete Ready For Deployment Worldwide. Model CJ46 Independent Legs Cantilever Self Elevating ABS CLASS, Design for -10 Degree "C" temperature harsh weather like North Sea and Arctic / Alaska type environment. 3000 HP draw works capable to drill up to 30,000 ft, 1,500,000 lbs Mast / Derrick, 5 Caterpillar Generators with 1 backup generator, 18 3/4" x 15000 PSI BOP stack, 120 crew members on board accommodation with all amenities and clinic, life boats and safety fire fighting equipment, HELIDECK, 750 tons top drive, 2200 HP x 7500 psi mud pumps, Cranes, Fuel / Water / Mud Tanks, Complete Well control system, complete mud processing system. READY for deployment worldwide. This JUR could be bought outright for minimum 15% cash down payment with up to 85% financing against loan repayment bank LC as per our format. OR could be DRY LEASE for 120 months at LIMITED TIME DISCOUNTED rate of US$59,888 per day without crew or fuel or insurance. Normal day rate is higher than this. Shorter term dry lease day rate could be discussed. ONLY proven $$cash$$ ready to deposit buyers / end user PLEASE send us your LOI. Brokers protected but no negotiations with brokers middlemen sorry. A1OILANDGAS.COM Houston Texas USA Tel 713 266 7447 Fax 713 588 2411 Email: ...
Location: Delivered To Buyers Location Worldwide Date Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Condition: NEW Excellent Working Condition Price: Buy it with as little as 15% CASH Down Payment 85%
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