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For Sale: Nitrogen Generating Unit - PCI
Three Nitrogen Generating Unit (from now on referred to as NGU), model number C750/500HPNGU-96/99-ZII-5000 manufactured by Pacific Consolidated Industries, LLC. This diesel driven High Pressure Nitrogen Generating Unit (HPNGU) continuously produces 96/99% pure, dry gaseous Nitrogen at a flow rate up to 750 SCFM (21 SCMM) / 520 SCFM (15 SCMM), at a working pressure of 5000 PSIG (345 Bar). The NGU uses an Atlas Copco twin screw feed air compressor. The compressor draws ambient air and delivers pressurized after-cooled air to a series of water, oil and particulate filters, and separators. Cleaned dry air passes through air separation membranes producing high purity nitrogen. The nitrogen gas passes through metering and flow devices before entering a reciprocating booster compressor. The booster increases the nitrogen gas pressure for final discharge out the side of the compressor container. The NGU has the following major components: FEED AIR COMPRESSOR MODULE Compressor: - Atlas-Copco, XRO 1550 -The rotary screw type compressor delivers after-cooled feed air. Air is compressed to approximately 360 psig @ 1550 scfm (25 bar @ 44 scmm). Drive: CAT C-32 ACERT diesel engine with Pyroban and 3GP system BUNDLE BOX MODULE Filtration & Separation: The filtration is two coalescing filters, a carbon filter and a particulate filter. The separation is 25 membranes separating nitrogen from other gases. BOOSTER MODULE Booster: Hurricane, PB9-64/5000 -The four-stage reciprocating compressor delivers up-to 750 scfm @ 5000 psig (21 scmm @ 345 bar). Drive: CAT C-9 ACERT diesel engine with Pyroban and 3GP system ...
Location: MacaƩ - Rio de Janeiro Date Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017
Condition: Good - Used Price: Price Upon Request
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