OTC 2018: O&G Can't Compete When it Comes to Attracting Data Scientists
Tuesday May 01, 2018  
URL: https://www.rigzone.com/news/otc_2018_og_cant_compete_when_it_comes_to_attracting_data_scientists-01-may-2018-154464-article/

The oil and gas industry can’t compete with other industries when it comes to attracting data scientists, Satyam Priyadarshy, Halliburton technology fellow and chief data scientist, suggested during a presentation at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

When asked by Rigzone how this problem could be addressed, Priyadarshy implied that “talent transformation” could be a solution.

“It’s about transforming the talent. I think the oil and gas industry has probably the highest number of educated geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, all kinds of domain experts … so I think transforming those people to just think differently … is one way to solve that problem,” Priyadarshy said.

In April alone, Rigzone posted several data scientist job openings in a number of locations. These roles came from companies such as Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) and Saudi Aramco.

Earlier this year, John Elkann, chairman and CEO of European investment company Exor N.V., suggested that the oil and gas industry might need to see the emergence of a company like Tesla to attract the best talent to the sector.

“I think that talent is attracted by challenges and excitement,” Elkann said during a panel discussion in January at the latest annual Baker Hughes, a GE Company, meeting in Florence, Italy.

“The car industry has benefited immensely from the excitement that a company like Tesla has brought into it … that has definitely created, in the last five years, more competitions, more difficulties, but also definitely attracted, and is attracting, a lot of talented people, so…[oil and gas] might need a Tesla,” he added.

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